Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mora to Stockholm

Woke up to a bit of a dull day although the sun was trying to break through for the first couple of hours. Bit of a frost too. Not much wind so good reflections as well.

Photos of trees and lakes before headed further south and hit rain.

Stopped off in Orebro a couple of hours west of Stockholm. Steady rain now. Tried to book a hotel but same story as Ostersund - everything was booked, this time for a sporting event.

Visited the old part of Orebro, Wadkoping, which has a lot of the old buildings from the city centre. They were moved here when the city was developed a couple of hundred years ago. All timber, mostly very rustic.

Took just a handful of shots from the shelter of a canopied gateway then made a dash for the car. Heavy rain!

Decided to go to Stockholm, if we were to be within 2 hours of the city we may as well be in it. Rang the hotel already booked for tomorrow night and extended our stay to include tonight also.

No more photos, just 2 rolls all day (20 images). Hope it dries out for tomorrow.
Dave Butcher
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