Sunday, 27 September 2009

Wet Day in the Fjords

The weather took a dive today. Heavy rain from opening the curtains before 7am until after 4pm. Changed plans to drive further north, effectively jumping 3 days ahead on our itinerary..Forecast for high mountain areas was not good.

Passed some spectacular waterfalls today. So much water, there are waterfalls everywhere.

Staying in Geiranger at the east end of the Geiranger Fjord. From our hotel room I can see about a dozen waterfalls of a few hundred feet each and that is one of the reasons we are here.

We have just caught the end of the tourist season; the Hotel Geiranger, where we are staying, closes tomorrow and doesn't reopen until May. In fact this resulted in a room upgrade as they had stripped all the cheap rooms ready for end of season cleaning so we ended up in a large room with a balcony overlooking the fjord for the price of a cheap room.

If weather dry tomorrow we will take the ferry to the far end of the fjord, takes about an hour. It passes several large waterfalls, the most impressive of which is called 7 Sisters. This can be seen from the road north from here but it's a long way away. The ferry will be within a hundred metres or so. May be a 2 camera job to avoid changing film as we pass!

It did brighten slightly at the end of the day so I ran off a couple of rolls of film (10 photos per roll) of the fjord and the 7 Sisters from road above Geiranger.

Dinner time now at just after 7pm. Clouds breaking up so may be lucky tomorrow.
Dave Butcher
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