Monday, 28 September 2009

Snow and Trolls in the Mountains

We changed our plans once more. We woke to heavy rain and this continued through the day. No point in taking ferry for waterfall photos; weather too bad to even take camera out of case.

Decided to drive over to Andalsnes to see Troll Wall. We were almost at the top of the descent when we were stopped in our tracks by a barrier across the road. Jan acosted the driver of the council truck parked up by it. Turned out they had only just closed the road but still wouldn't let us through. Had to turn back and retrace steps. Wasted over an hour then went around the long way. Heavy rain continued.

Ended up at foot of road we should have come down if had been open. The visitor centre was shut but there were lots of Troll wood carvings. Took one for posterity with the Troll Wall shrouded in clouds behind.

At this stage we were still heading for Trondheim. As we followed up through mountains the rain turned to snow. Checked the BBC weather forecast for the area and it looked like the rain and snow was set for the week in this area. Further south and east though looked sunny. We decided to go south to Lillehammer.

Heading north to Sundsvall tomorrow.

Took just 2 rolls again today, At the Troll Wall and the Ringebu Stavkirche (wooden church).

Clear sky and cold in Lillehammer tonight. Feels like winter has arrived.
Dave Butcher
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