Friday, 25 September 2009

Oslo Night and Day

Trouble accessing the web through my Blackberry earlier today delayed doing this.

Yesterday was a 2 new country day. I had not previously visited Sweden or Norway.

Reached Oslo just after 7pm yesterday, so lots of time for night shots. Wandered around taking photos of the fortress, harbour, palace and parliament.Tried different lenses here and there to pick out or include important areas.

One area on the harbour has been regenerated with lots of new buildings and interesting architecture. Keep an eye out for a shot of one with the front like the prow of a ship.

This morning wandered around taking photos at the same locations as last night, not necessarily the same tripod holes though as different viewpoints work in daylight.

Left Oslo late morning and drove west then north heading for Geilo then Flam. Stopped at Uvdal to see the Stavkirche (wooden church dating back to 12th century). Broken clouds and sunshine made for some good shots. Lots of photos of the church and the silver birches that surround it. Leaves well on the turn here and lots of different colours across the hillsides. Used a dark yellow filter to lighten all the turning leaves. If you are digital you can do this in Photoshop instead, just make sure that you take you photos in colour not grey scale.

Scenery in this area is similar to Scottish Highlands and Alps, perhaps more trees than Scotland.

Just passing through Geilo, quite a large ski area, but quiet at this time of year.
Dave Butcher.
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