Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Lillehammer to Jotunheim

Woke to clear skies so decided to see how far towards Jotunheim we could get before hit rain.

There was still some sun breaking through as we approached Jotunheim so found some high ground to east to take photos looking across. Then made way to Lom and beyond.

The highest mountains in Norway are in Jotunheim. Galdhoppigen is the highest at 2469m and the top was just in the clouds.

Made way down valley towards Leirvassbu. Snow flurries now and road white with settled snow and ice. Turned back taking photos all the way. Some very striking mountains around here.

Called in at Elveseter on way east. Good views to top of Galdhoppigen from here. Then continued on to Dombas, our halt for the night. Bit of a one horse town so will try and move on early tomorrow. Aiming for Sweden now. Forecast is still for bad weather in most of Norway (all except south).
Dave Butcher
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