Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Into Sweden

Left Dombas bright and early, well early at any rate. Headed NW towards Dovrefjell area. Light not brilliant but decided to get closer to the highest peak Snohetta (4th highest peak in Norway).

We didn't get too far when 2 men in uniform stepped in front of the car, stopping further progress. We exchanged pleasantries and then they explained that the road went through a live firing range and traffic was only allowed through for 45 minutes early morning (ending an hour before we arrived), 45 minutes at lunchtime and then after 6pm. We decided that there were other peaks to photograph, thanked the nice men and drove away the way we had come.

We headed east into Sweden to where the forecast said the better weather was. Our Swedish friend Ingrid suggested that we try and visit the Funasdalen valley so we headed there. As it turned out the light rain turned into light snow so little chance of appreciating the scenery.

Headed further east and a bit north to Ostersund. Our Garmin sat nav showed 14 hotels in the town so it never entered our heads that there would be a problem finding a room. In fact the whole town was booked solid with a conference and there were no rooms anywhere.

Jan managed to get the Best Western to ring around and find us a room but in a town 50km south east. Our day ended at 6.45pm, an hour or so later than expected. We had a very nice meal and a bottle of wine in the Hotel Jamtkrogen in Brecke.

Not a lot of photos (just 6 in fact), dull light as well as rain and snow showers saw to that.

Tomorrow off to the coast and keeping fingers crossed for bright lighting for a change. The weather forecast says we should be all right.

Checked the weather for Trondheim again in case we were missing anything. It still shows heavy rain to end of the week so felt a bit better at having deserted it.
Dave Butcher
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