Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Web Site Progress Report

The structure of the new site has been finished for a while and we are now working to add everything, and more, from the site before it goes live. There will be so many pictures on it within a short while that it uses a database to manage the organisation and retrieval using keywords. Right now we are editing every one of the 1000 or more current images to make sure they have the right keywords associated with them. A couple of more days should see this completed.

Then a bit of checking to make sure everything still works after everything has been added and it should be live sometime next week.

Am keeping fingers crossed while I type this that all goes well and you can soon see the new site!

I walked to Buxton today for a stint in the Gallery in the Gardens in beautiful weather in both directions. Now it is raining heavily just 3 hours or so since I reached home. Quite a contrast.

Dave Butcher
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