Sunday, 15 March 2009

USA photos

Just finished marking up the contact prints for my USA photos, the ones from Colorado, Utah, Chicago and Boston taken in January and early February. I'm going to scan the negatives and then put them on the web. There are lots for me to do so it will take some time, doing it in between everything else.

Focus on Imaging was good. Hope we managed to speak to everyone who came by our stand. It was very busy Sunday and Monday and still quite busy on Tuesday. Wednesday was really quiet.

I'm also changing web sites from to (net will still work), hoping to make the switch in April but it may be a bit longer. It will be easier to use, with more categories so you don't have to click through lots of pages to find the area of interest to you. It should also be easier to maintain and have a secure shopping cart system, as the current site does. I have to rescan a lot of the images so this may delay the project and both sites will run alongside one another for a number of months until I catch up.

That's it for now.
Dave Butcher
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