Friday, 7 August 2015

A Stroll in Swaledale

Having just returned from Snowdonia on Wednesday we drove to Reeth in Swaledale for a couple of nights to meet up with some old friends.

On Sunday we walked west along the river to Gunnerside and had lunch at the King's Head pub. Black Sheep Riggwelter on Draught and in excellent condition, a rare pleasure!

We returned to Reeth on the south side of the river, much of the way in the rain. That's unusual!

Here are a few phone photos, I didn't carry my Mamiya 7 film camera as it was a dull day.

Walking to Buxton tomorrow, Saturday, for a day running Gallery in the Gardens in Pavilion Gardens. A walk without rain would be good, 8 of my last 9 days walking have been wet!
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