Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Photo of the Shard

New photo of the Shard, this one taken on my phone but proper one taken using my Mamiya 7.

Great day for photos in London today. We finished our whistle stop photo trip with shots of the Shard, Monument, Guildhall, the art deco Daily Express building on Fleet Street, Royal Courts of Justice and the Royal Opera House.

15 rolls of 120 Ilford FP4 to process from the 2 days. It will be a few weeks until they reach the website.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Photo Trip to London

We are in London for a day or so taking photos to add to my picture library. Today was wet and dull until early afternoon and then really good light until dark.

Smithfield and Spitalfields (image attached taken on phone to show what I took on my Mamiya 7) Markets were first. In fact I did Smithfield twice as the light improved so much. Then the Old Bailey, St Pauls (as if I don't have enough already!), then on to the Millennium Bridge for a shot towards the Tate on the south side. Unfortunately, I grossly underestimated the numbers of people who would be there. It was impossible to get the shot. The bridge was a solid mass of people.

We moved on to the Waterloo Bridge for shots along the Thames in both directions. The Hungerford Bridge with London Eye behind was the view I wanted but the other direction to St Pauls (yet another one!) and the Shard was good too. More shots of Hungerford Bridge followed as it went dark but I was thwarted at Westminster Bridge as it wasn't lit apart from a few street lights, nor was the Houses of Parliament apart from Big Ben. Have made a note to return at dusk on a future trip.

8 rolls in total, that's 80 negatives with quite a few duplicates, just in case. A good start.

Tomorrow the forecast is good until mid afternoon so heading straight to Shard for a vertical panorama from below. The rest of the day will depend on the weather and time.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Good Day for Trees in the Peak District

Out for a walk in the Peak District with good friend Peter Moore from Kenilworth. Took this tree on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and edited in Snapseed. The wind was strong and made it tricky to check the image as my eyes were watering so much.

Tried to post this earlier but didn't go.