Thursday, 5 September 2013

Alpine Pass Route Day 1. Sargans to Weisstannen

Yesterday we travelled from Grindelwald to Zurich where we had a couple of hours for taking photos around the city. I took photos along the river, across the lake and around the Old Town. After 2.5h I had the shots I wanted so we returned to the station and caught the train to Sargans.
We were meeting friends in the Hotel Löwen, just below the castle. Lots of catching up to do over a few pints and a few glasses of wine.

Today we resumed the Alpine Pass Route in Switzerland that we started 7 years ago when we walked from Grindelwald to Montreaux, on the shores of Lake Geneva. It's the same group of 5 walkers but unfortunately our support team has changed because of illness from good friends Rick and Glen to a commercial company, Swiss Trails. It's not the same but the bags arrived!

The whole route crosses the high alpine passes between Sargans and Montreaux
A total of 16 days walking by the time we finish this time in Grindelwald.
It was a short day today, just 7.5miles and 4 hours. Jolly warm though. Temperatures around 27ºC. Lots of walking in forest which was much cooler than open hillside. An easy introduction to the trip.

We arrived at our hotel in Weisstannen in time for lunch, I shared a Rosti with Phil and had a couple of Dunkel beers.

Weisstannen Refreshments

Tomorrow we cross the Foo Pass to Elm, a rather more serious and strenuous day than today.
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