Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk Clay Bank to Lion Inn Blakey

We had to be up early today as Andrea, our landlady at Newlands House in Great Broughton, had to go to a funeral in Middlesborough. Breakfast was at 7.30am, followed by a lift to the pass where we finished the official route yesterday. We were well looked after!

Readers will be relieved to hear that Al remembered his sausage today but forgot to eat it until we had arrived at the pub. I should add that it was a different sausage to the one that is now considered lost from yesterday.

We were walking by 8.30am, along the edge and onto the moors above. It was another warm, dry day.

The landscape was not the most inspiring, mostly flat so I took no photos until we reached our destination, the Lion Inn, just 9miles today. The ones here were taken on my mobile. Lots of dogs in the pub tonight so my asthma and allergies were not good.

I had a pint of Wainwright followed by a couple of Old Peculiars. We then had a break and rechecked the Old Peculiar this evening. By the end of the evening we were down to 15mpg for this 3-day section of the walk. Tomorrow we head to Grosmont.

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