Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Photo of the Shard

New photo of the Shard, this one taken on my phone but proper one taken using my Mamiya 7.

Great day for photos in London today. We finished our whistle stop photo trip with shots of the Shard, Monument, Guildhall, the art deco Daily Express building on Fleet Street, Royal Courts of Justice and the Royal Opera House.

15 rolls of 120 Ilford FP4 to process from the 2 days. It will be a few weeks until they reach the website.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Photo Trip to London

We are in London for a day or so taking photos to add to my picture library. Today was wet and dull until early afternoon and then really good light until dark.

Smithfield and Spitalfields (image attached taken on phone to show what I took on my Mamiya 7) Markets were first. In fact I did Smithfield twice as the light improved so much. Then the Old Bailey, St Pauls (as if I don't have enough already!), then on to the Millennium Bridge for a shot towards the Tate on the south side. Unfortunately, I grossly underestimated the numbers of people who would be there. It was impossible to get the shot. The bridge was a solid mass of people.

We moved on to the Waterloo Bridge for shots along the Thames in both directions. The Hungerford Bridge with London Eye behind was the view I wanted but the other direction to St Pauls (yet another one!) and the Shard was good too. More shots of Hungerford Bridge followed as it went dark but I was thwarted at Westminster Bridge as it wasn't lit apart from a few street lights, nor was the Houses of Parliament apart from Big Ben. Have made a note to return at dusk on a future trip.

8 rolls in total, that's 80 negatives with quite a few duplicates, just in case. A good start.

Tomorrow the forecast is good until mid afternoon so heading straight to Shard for a vertical panorama from below. The rest of the day will depend on the weather and time.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Good Day for Trees in the Peak District

Out for a walk in the Peak District with good friend Peter Moore from Kenilworth. Took this tree on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and edited in Snapseed. The wind was strong and made it tricky to check the image as my eyes were watering so much.

Tried to post this earlier but didn't go.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

RHS Wisley Christmas Contemporary Craft Fair 27th November to 1st December

We are exhibiting at the Craft in Focus Christmas Contemporary Craft show at RHS Wisley. Jan is doing it on her own to save my bad back which has taken a bit of a beating over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, Jan also hurt her back last week so she has to be careful too.

The show opens at 9am every day and closes at 6pm, except Thursday is 8pm and Sunday is 5pm. Entry is free to RHS members and £9 to everyone else but this includes entry to the gardens as well.

The photos of our stand were taken by Jan on her BlackBerry phone. As you can see it's quite a bit smaller than our last show, Ideal Home Christmas show at Earls Court, in fact it's less than half the size of our stand there! We have still packed a lot in and have several hundred darkroom prints for sale, the last few posters and all 4 books are on offer, with a very special price if you buy all 4.

For more information follow the link:

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Snowy Peak District

I'm in Buxton Pavilion Gardens running Gallery in the Gardens all day. After 6 days at the Ideal Home show in Earls Court in London and 5 at the NEC immediately before that it was good to get out walking the hills for a change.

What a day we have here in the Peaks! Wall to wall sunshine with a dusting of snow on the tops. Lots of ice though so a bit slippery. It's a 6 mile walk over the hills to get here but I grabbed a few shots on my Samsung S3 phone and edited them to black and white using the editor in Google+ photos on my Nexus 10.

I had intended to take more photos of London during and after the show but decided it was too much for my bad back so we've decided to go down after Christmas, weather permitting. Shame though as we had 4 good days which would have been great for photos. We did manage to walk in and out to the show for the first 4 days, 3 miles each way but the only greenery we found was walking through Brompton Cemetery, a large green space just south of Earls Court. No peaks though!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ideal Home Christmas Show Photos

It was a busy and full day at the Ideal Home Christmas Show at Earls Court today. We were open for 11 hours, closing at 9pm.
I wandered around taking a few photos as the crowds thinned out late on.
The indoor ice rink was a novelty. We've done shows with breweries before but not with an ice rink (Buxton shows excluded of course!).
Still 3 days to go. Show closes on Sunday late afternoon. We are getting some exercise though as the walk from the Travelodge in Battersea to Earls Court is a bit under 3 miles/50 minutes walk each way. It was too late for anything except a Chinese takeaway today, and a bottle of Hobgoblin!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Ideal Home Christmas Show at Earls Court Stand Photos

Our stand at the Ideal Home Christmas Show at Earls Court in London is now finished. We are on the ground floor stand 1F118.
For more information click here.
Here are the stand photos to show the display and space.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ideal Home Christmas Show at Earls Court

Set up and ready for the Ideal Home Christmas Show at Earls Court. Our stand is 1F118 on the ground floor. Lots of show offers. Lots of new pictures. Large stand.

They hadn't laid the aisle carpets when we left so I'll take photos tomorrow morning and do another post. Walls and carpet that they provided are white. Not expecting carpet to stay white though! Looks great with our black and white stand.

The opening times are 10am to 6pm Wednesday to Sunday with late night opening Thursday until 9pm. Ticket info on the website, click the link above. It's a big one, over 650 exhibitors on 2 floors.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

ICHF Crafts for Christmas, Birmingham NEC

It's the first day of the ICHF Crafts for Christmas Show at the Birmingham NEC today. It runs until Sunday 9am to 5.30pm, 5pm Sunday.
We have a few hundred darkroom prints here at Good prices. All 4 of my books are on sale. The 2014 course dates are out now, and on the website, so we can talk about these too.
More details here:

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Wellington College Crowthorne Craft and Contemporary Design Show

While I am lecturing at PhotoLive 2013 Jan is running our stand at the Craft in Focus show at Wellington College Crowthorne,  near Bracknell.
The last day is tomorrow, Sunday 27th October. The picture is one Jan took of the stand. Lots of pictures, lots of offers.
For more information click here:

PhotoLive 2013

All set up ready for the starting pistol of PhotoLive 2013!
Expecting lots of people today for the dozens of lectures, hopefully some will come to mine!
My lectures today are.
The Art of Monochrome City Scenes, 10 to 10.45 am, room 7
The Art of Monochrome Landscapes, 3 to 3.45 pm, room 1
My stand is 3a. Here's a picture of it. Mostly books and a few pictures.
All books at much reduced prices.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

PhotoLive 2013 This Weekend

The new PhotoLive 2013 event in London is fast approaching. It is being run by Future Publishing whose titles include Photography Week, Digital Camera, PhotoPlus, NPhoto and Practical Photoshop.

I am one of the 30-odd lecturers for the 2 day event, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October.

My lectures are 10 - 10.45am, 'The Art of Monochrome City Scenes', and 3 - 3.45pm 'The Art of Monochrome Landscapes', same lectures at the same time on both days. There are 10 to 13 lectures going on at the same time throughout the day so lots to choose from.

Use discount code SC_15 for a 15% discount on the day and weekend ticket prices. You can also buy tickets for individual lectures at £20 each.

My lectures are brand new. I'm still trying to learn my words, never easy as I refuse to use a script and generally just make it up using the prints to prompt me. Yes, even in this digital age I am still doing new print lectures from my film negatives! These have 30 prints in each. Apart from 1 poster in the city lecture all of the prints are silver gelatin darkroom prints. A lot of these are new fibre based prints made by me over the last few weeks.

The landscapes lecture is mostly illustrated with mountain photos, the city lecture mostly includes photographs from my new City Light book.

I also have stand 3A in the PhotoLive retail area. You can visit this without paying any fee at all. My landscapes books, Lake Light, Peak Light and High Light are all £5 instead of £15. City Light is £10 instead of £15. Free autograph and bag with every purchase!

I will also have details of the courses for next year, if you want to have a chat about these or private tuition.

The venue is the Novotel London West in Hammersmith.

Still time to book using the SC_15 15%-off discount code!

Hope to see you there.

Monday, 21 October 2013

New Images of Berlin

In July we visited Berlin for a few days, all planned around taking photographs of the city. The films have been processed a while and here is a taster of them. More on my web site.

Brandenburg Gate at Night
Bode Museum at Dusk
St Nikolai Church and Cafe Sign
Berlin Wall on Bernauerstrasse
Holocaust Memorial and Tree
 Reichstag Building at Night
Berlin Sign and Lamp
Bundestag Film 'To the German People'

Wet Luxembourg, Stunning Bruges

Apologies but I'm a bit behind with my blog posts. It's been a bit busy since we returned home from the Alps, with no sign of a let-up yet.

We left Switzerland on the 17th September and had one night in Luxembourg. I had no photos of it before this trip and I now have just one! It rained pretty much the whole time except for about 30 minutes.
Luxembourg Between Showers

As soon as the rain resumed the following morning we headed straight to Bruges, about 2 hours or so away. It was sunny and bright most of the time we stayed here. The phone pictures here don't do it justice but do give you a flavour of what I took on my Mamiya 7 film camera.

We came home on the 21st September, just in time for the last day of the Old Hall Inn beer festival in Whitehough!

Since then we have done 7 days of courses and a big 2 day event in Buxton, here's what our stand looked like.

The Great Peak District Fair

I have also run the Gallery in the Gardens in Buxton for 3 days and given 2 photographic club lectures, in Oldham and Nottingham.

I have also scanned a couple of dozen negatives from our Berlin trip in July as these were needed by Antje for the Frankfurt Book Fair a week or so ago. I will put some of these in another blog post.

It's quieting down a bit now, just 4 shows for a total of 16 days, 2 days of courses and 1 lecture in the next 3.5 weeks!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Grindelwald Wet and Dry

We are having a few days to ourselves in Grindelwald. On Friday, the first day after finishing the Alpine Pass Route on Thursday, we had a short walk with Rob to the lakes near the First lift above the village. The clouds were going up and down on the tops of the big peaks which added to the pictures, as long as you had a bit of patience!


This moon shot was taken on my phone as we went to dinner.

Saturday was a good day too so we returned to the waterfall below the Klausen Pass. We came past it on our 4th day on the Alpine Pass Route but the clouds were down and it was raining. Nice traditional chalets in the foreground though. It was warm and sunny on our return. It took us over 4 days to walk from the falls to Grindelwald and just 90 minutes to drive back, then a 40 minute walk.

The waterfall is called the Staubi Waterfall in the village of Asch and is 90 metres high. I took photos with chalets in the foreground and the waterfall behind. Then I climbed up the hillside to the foot of the falls. It needed a scramble to get down into the riverbed. This put lots of small waterfalls into my shot with the big fall behind. My back was too painful to get right down to where I thought the best shot was but I made the tripod go quite low where I was able to get to and it still looked good.

All the important photos were taken on my Mamiya 7 film camera so it will be a few weeks until I get to these. I forgot to take similar photos on my Samsung S3 phone to illustrate this blog. I did take one as we were leaving the village to give an idea of the beautiful setting.

We have had a couple of wet days so taking it easy with short walks and no photos.

Tomorrow we leave the mountains and head to Luxembourg for some city photos as we make our way home.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Alpine Pass Route Day 7. Engelberg to Meiringen

Another good start to the day. Dry but cold. Clouds on the tops though.

Started in the best way by catching the cable car to the top! Good view behind us over Trubsee Lake (lake photo taken by Jan as I forgot!). All of my photos here taken on my Samsung S3 and edited with Snapseed.

Walked past lake to another lift to Joch Pass. This resembled a building site so quickly moved on.

Fresh snow overnight above 1800m. Looked like winter. Hoped that tops would clear but stayed hidden from us.

Good views with nice skies. After the Engstlensee lake below the pass we climbed to Tannalp and on to Balmeregghorn. The weather was closing in here. Low cloud and snow.

The next section should have been spectacular. A narrow traverse up to Planplatten. The snow was falling harder and it was windy so we took the quick way down; a convenient cable car to Meiringen from 2100m!

We were down before the forecast rain and testing the local beer before reaching our very comfortable hotel.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we finish our 8 day walk in Grindelwald.