Monday, 3 December 2012

Rome Photo Trip Day 3

Today was the best weather-wise on our photo trip to Rome; clear blue sky and no clouds all day. Cold breeze kept it cool too. I probably took some better shots yesterday when the clouds were good but at least I knew I could shoot all day today.

We revisited some previous locations as well as new ones like the Pantheon.

Used drugs and heated back support to ease my bad back. Also had a break for a lie down before dusk/night session; that helped lots.

Sorry no images on mobile today so nothing to add to text.

Home tomorrow; early flight and even earlier taxi. Not looking forward to that bit!

I took 31 rolls of Ilford FP4 120 over 2 full days plus the evening we arrived. That makes 40 rolls in total with the 9 that I took in Oxford on Thursday before we came to Rome.

That's a few too many for me to easily process as it would take me about 8 hours to work through them. I will send them to Ilford Lab Direct, at the Ilford factory in Cheshire, who use the same chemistry as me (Ilfotec DDX/DD) and a gentle dip and dunk processing machine, so no roller damage - ever! They also look after me very well with excellent fast service every time.

Looking forward to seeing the negs and doing the contract prints so that I can see exactly what I took. With the daytime shots I pretty much know what I have but the nightime ones are less certain as the exposure is guessed (my Sekonic spot meters don't measure anything longer than 15 seconds at f5.6).

I will try and add some to my website before Christmas but it could be the New Year before I get to it. Can't leave much later than that as I need shots from both Rome and Oxford for my new City Light book, published March 2013.

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