Sunday, 2 December 2012

Rome Photo Trip Day 2

We were busy today, walked miles, as the weather was good from mid-morning until the evening.

We started in the Popolo area with some fountains before moving on to the Umberto bridge; one of the best viewpoints for the Vatican St Peters. Great clouds here made for some good shots.

Next came the Castel Sant Angelo beside the next bridge along the river. From here we headed south to the busy Piazza Navona and impressive fountains. Then on to the Isolo Tiberan island, surrounded by some pretty wild water as the river was in full spate.

The Circo Massimo was next then the busy Colosseum as the sky clouded over.

My back was painful so we returned to the hotel to rest it for an hour or so before heading back to the Umberto Bridge for some dusk shots of the Vatican.

We followed the river, adding a few shots along the way until we reached the Vatican. Lots of building work going on here so not as good as I'd hoped for. Surprised to find a fun fair in St Peters Square.

From here it was back to Popolo and on to the Spanish Steps. These were overrun with people so no chance of taking the shots I wanted so we went for a meal instead.

By the time we came out heavy rain had cleared the streets and we returned for the Steps shot.

Last stop of the day was the Trevi Fountain. I managed a few shots then the heavens opened with heavy rain. I waited several minutes hoping it would clear but just got heavier. We called it a day!

Tomorrow the forecast is for good weather all day. Fingers crossed that's right!

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