Monday, 18 June 2012

Scapa Flow, Sea Cliffs and Stone Circles Before Breakfast

Another great day on Orkney.

I looked out of the window a bit before 7am and saw clouds building in an otherwise blue sky.

It looked good for pictures so I rushed out and was taking photos 7 miles away at the Ring of Brodgar a bit after 7.30am.

The sun was a bit intermittent but the sky was great. By 8.15 am I had the shots and the first bus arrived so I moved on.

The Stones of Stenness were just a half mile down the road and the sun was shining so I stopped. I took a couple of quick shots then the sun disappeared for 20 minutes.

Just as the sun came out so a convoy of cars parked on the road by the Stones. A group of people got out all carrying cameras and tripods, a photography course had arrived.

I waited a few minutes for the sun, took my photos and left. A bus arrived and parked on the road behind the Stones so time to pack up anyway.

Back for breakfast.

We met up with the others and headed for the Churchill Barriers, a remnant of the war. These blocked the channels around the natural harbour of Scapa Flow of Orkney.

Photo stops followed at the Italian Chapel, Hoxa Head battery and Mull Head. A bit dull at times so not too many photos.

Mull Head was interesting, walking on the path across the moor we were dive-bombed by Great Skuas; needless to say we beat a hasty retreat!

We also saw an Arctic Skua at close range, it was on the nest just 20 yards from the coast path. Lots of Fulmars, Black Guillemots and a few Razorbills too. Quite a change from the usual Peak District birds.

Bit of bother with the accommodation. The owner has double booked part of the property resulting in our good friends Rob and Annie moving to an apartment a 10 minute walk away.

I suggest you avoid booking into Stenigar self-catering apartments as talking to the manager this seems to be a regular occurrence.

It's after nearly 1am and still daylight! It starts to get light again at 1am.

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