Friday, 22 June 2012

Cliff Walk and a few Photos

A grey day was forecast so we decided to go for a walk along the coast from Skara Brae to the Kitchener monument on Marwick Head and back. That's a walk of about 11 miles.

Not too many photo opportunities but I did run off 3 rolls of Ilford FP4 120 film. First stop was a sea stack called the Spord. There was a bit of light and the Old Man of Hoy was just visible in the background. Lots of Sea Pinks on the sea cliffs to add to the foreground of some shots.

Then we came upon some fisherman huts built over 100 years ago and recently restored.

Marwick Bay was interesting with a tidal pool between the shore and a band of rock. A Red-Breasted Merganser was swimming on it along with Eider ducks and a few waders.

From here we walked steeply up to Marwick Head and the Kitchener monument. So many birds on the cliff face. Mainly Guillemots but also Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Razorbills and a few Puffins. Lots of predatory Skuas about too, both Great and Arctic.

There was a good shot of the cliff and monument with a large stone slab and Sea Pinks in the foreground.

We sat watching the comings and goings of the birds for quite a while, especially the Puffins.

Then it was time to retrace our steps back to the car in the gathering gloom. There were a few spots of rain as we neared the car but we made it back before it started in earnest.

So, despite the dull day I still managed to take a few good shots.

Still no Dark Island in Stromness. Everywhere has run out! I'm meddling through on other brews in the meantime.

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