Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Northumberland course day 2

Today we spent the day on Holy Island/Lindisfarne and had pretty good weather all day. No camera again for me.

We started around the huts made from upturned boats, then took pattern pictures amongst the lobster pots before moving to the jetty.

Then around the harbour for shots of the castle and old lime kilns.

From here we went to the Crown and Anchor pub for lunch. The priory and harbour followed before we finished with the classic shot of the castle with old jetty posts in the foreground with waves crashing in behind us. Had to go back for this at the end of the day as tide was too high earlier.

After a quick wash and brush-up it was down to the bar to review the results from the day; lots of good shots.

A quick nip round the corner found us at the Wetherspoons pub for dinner. This was chosen for its position next to the main bridge.

As we saw the light start to fade we made our way down to the bridges to take the lights and reflections between the 2 road bridges. In total we were out for over an hour doing night photography. Everyone had some good shots, probably the best being the early ones before it was completely dark so that we kept detail in the sky.

Tomorrow we do more castles.

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