Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Zugspitze Day

It was a cracking day today. Warm, blue sky and the odd cloud with a few clouds hanging in the valley until midday. Caught the train and cable car to the top of the Zugspitze and took some photos. Mostly used an orange filter to darken the blue sky but knew it would make shadows more difficult to print.

Then down to Glacier Station on cable car to start walking down to Garmisch 11am. Looked like a rocky desert to start with. Then it was into some greenery while following the stream to Garmisch.

Lots of trees in Partnachklamm area and for previous section so I switched to a yellow-green so that they were brighter in the picture.
I estimated 12 miles in total but turned out to be over 16 miles. Will have to buy a new map measurer! Jan not impressed.

Jolly nice meal and beer tonight. Had Hacker Pschoerr Oktoberfest beer, nice taste but very fizzy. Used my fork to whisk it to remove air.

Tomorrow we move on to Innsbruck and Dolomites on Thursday.

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