Thursday, 15 September 2011

Comatose in Como

No only joking! Not comatose and not in Como, other than that it's a true statement.

Yesterday's blog didn't happen, I fell asleep after few beers and sharing a bottle of wine with Jan. So our last day around Lake Garda was spent circumnavigating the lake in our car. A distance of just under 100 miles. The roads were really busy, it took ages. Photo stops were at Sirmione, Bardolino and Torri del Benaco. A mix of castles, piazza's and harbours. Quite graphic as well as colourful, for anyone wanting to work in colour (I'm sure there must be someone!).

I ran off 6 rolls of 10 photos and have some good ones despite the number of people around (especially at Sirmione). That makes 68 rolls of Ilford FP4 for the trip, so far.
Today we left Lake Garda and headed west for Lake Como. We are now on the homeward stretch. The roads were really busy, it took over 6 hours instead of 4 or so.

We are staying in Menaggio, a good mix of old and new.tomorrow we use the ferries to explore Bellagio and Varenna. Hope weather stays clear but temps drop. Yesterday was 37C, today 31C. That's hot, we never see those temps in the Derbyshire Peak District.

Beer rubbish and very fizzy. Looking forward to a decent pint but when?

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