Monday, 16 May 2011

Sand Dunes and Tree Tops in Colorado

New photos of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Aspen tree tops have been added to the web site. Last year we arrived at the sand dunes just in time to be caught in a blizzard as we walked over to where I wanted to take my photos from. This year it was bitterly cold, even the sand was frozen so it was a bit easier to walk on, but it was sunshine and good clouds and the views were spectacular. I took several films but have so far only scanned and edited 2  photos.
Great Sand Dunes NP in winter with Mount Herard in the background
Patterns in the sand
We also drove over the McClure Pass while travelling from Telluride to Aspen. The Aspen trees at the pass were great for pictures and I mainly took up into the canopy. It was a bit tricky moving around as the snow was soft and deep and I hadn't bothered to put my snowshoes on, oops! The dark sky was from being high (2671 metres, 8763 feet) and a dark yellow or orange filter on my Mamiya 7 43mm lens. A red filter was completely unnecessary.

Aspens at McClure Pass, Colorado
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