Saturday, 5 March 2011

London Photography Weekend

We are in the Prince Albert a couple of hundred yards south of the Albert Bridge, opposite Battersea Park in London. The Good Old Boy beer is going down quite well; just waiting for the second pint to arrive.

Took lots of shots yesterday from Southwark to Canary Wharf. Included Millenium footbridge, St Pauls from river, Tower Bridge, Shad Thames, etc. Didn't quite make it to Greenwich before light went.

Tried to take photos at New City Hall of the striking building shapes but was stopped by security. Fortunately, he offered to take me to Security to get formal permission to take photos there. Couldn't sort as didn't have my public liability insurance docs but will do when get home so can use the 2 shots I did take before being stopped and go back for more later in year.

We walked a lot of the Thames Path but retired to Wetherspoons for quick bite to eat and a pint before starting the night shots with Tower Bridge. Then on to Globe Theatre and Millenium footbridge.

The day ended at 9.30pm at the hotel in Southwark, a long day with a lot of walking as I was up at 4.30am to catch 6.30 train from Macclesfield to London.

Today we headed west along the Thames, taking the Oxo Tower first of all then the Golden Jubilee Pedestrian bridges (great cables!) at Hungerford Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, the MI6 building, Battersea Power Station, Chelsea and Albert Bridges.

The Albert Bridge was top of my shooting list as I have been asked several times for photos of it but it's being refurbished so looks a real mess. Guess we will have to come back for that one.

Sun's out. Must dash.
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