Friday, 7 January 2011

Telluride Skiing

It's Friday 7th and we are driving to Carbondale. No Vodafone phone signal in Telluride and wifi not working properly in Blackberry so unable to post since leaving Durango on Tuesday. Blackberry has been picking up emails intermittently at hotel but no web.

We have had 2 days fantastic skiing at Telluride with great weather and good snow. Telluride, an old mining town, is like something out of a western, wide street, square fronted buildings on Main Street. Behind this on both sides are mixes of old wooden buildings and new ones.

Lots of impressive mountains on all sides including some over 14000 feet.

So much to photograph with snowy mountains best viewed from the tops of several ski lifts (I thought Revelation Lift was best). To help avoid straining my back I went out with 1 camera and 1 lens each day; 43mm lens on Wednesday and 65mm on Thursday. The better shots were with the 43mm lens for the extra depth of field.

The old town main street was only sunlit for an hour or two each day. We came down late morning Wednesday so that I could take some photos, very impressive with a snowy mountain at the end of the street. Thursday was mainly a ski day with just a few photos.

Aspen tomorrow.
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