Friday, 14 January 2011

Lost Lake - Found

Thursday 13th January: today was probably our last snowshoeing day in Colorado this winter. After consulting my Colorado snowshoeing book we decided to visit Lost Lake near Nederland in the Indian Peaks Wilderness west of Boulder.

We parked at the winter trail-head then walked along the snow covered road to Hessie. The tracks were of packed snow and easy ti follow.

Lost Lake was completely frozen with patches of snow and frozen footsteps (snow compressed when powder and the the wind blows away all except the compacted snow) running across the lake.

Shots into the sun didn't work as well as those with the sun behind me. The distant Indian Peaks mountains were in clouds but the lower tops made for interesting backgrounds. I ran off 4 rolls before heading back the 3 miles to the car. There were some interesting snow shapes and views on the way back which made some unusual images.

We stopped at the Nederland Brewery on the way back and the Mountain Sun in Boulder after that. Loys of nice beers.

Tomorrow I have treatment for my bad back and a walk in the afternoon.
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