Monday, 24 January 2011

Another Darkroom Day

A third darkroom day in row was needed to finish making the contact prints of the Hong Kong, Sydney, New Zealand trip in October and November last year. Next job is to crack on with the scanning and put them on the web site. Hong Kong wil be first and I have 15 images picked out ready for scanning. Sydney and New Zealand will follow over the next few weeks. There are some crackers so watch this space!

We have a big (as in expensive) show at Birmingham NEC (Spring Fair) starting a week Saturday so not sure that I can fit much in until after that.

Have broken out the Harviestoun Porter as small celebration. Bit fizzy out of the bottle so I had to whisk it with a fork to remove most of the gas so that I could drink it. Jolly nice but at 6% not a session beer.
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