Sunday, 22 August 2010

Builders Arrived this Week

It all started with a leak down the side passage on the house; the only way from the front garden to the back garden without going through the main house. With the builder and a local architect we decided that the best way forward was to raise the roof line to match that of the main house. We then decided to expand the gallery space by knocking out an internal wall or two. So the job has grown somewhat from the original plan to stop a leak!

Jan cleared the side passage and lots of the gallery last weekend then I finished off by clearing all of the pictures from the walls and we moved the browsers into the hall.

On Wednesday the builders arrived to start knocking walls out and working on the roof. By Friday some of the internal walls were downand the main gallery was partitioned off from the mayhem on the other side. Now we are awaiting an engineer to come on Monday to specify the number and size of steel beams that are needed to make sure the building stays up when the last wall is knocked out!

The gallery is still open. We have around 400 browser prints on display in the hall and 140 pictures on the walls, so the gallery can still operate by appointment, as usual. Roll on October when it will all be finished.

Happy days!
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