Friday, 21 August 2009

Article on Using Digital Cameras for Landscapes

I have just written a fourth article for my web site and sent it off to the company who run my web site. They are usually pretty quick at loading new files and images so shouldn't be long before it is available. All of the articles can also be downloaded as pdf files, the layout of these is better for printed documents.

They are mainly written for clients who have been on my courses and cover the main points introduced at these. However, they could be of use to others who want to improve their photography.

That makes a total of 4 articles:
  • Using digital cameras for black and white landscape photography. This describes the functions and settings found on digital cameras and which ones to use for landscapes. Adjusting exposure using camera functions is described in some detail. It also provides a basic explanation of some of the terms commonly used in photography, such as aperture, stops, exposure compensation and bracketing, etc.
  • Hill and mountain photography. Including composition, exposure, lighting, depth of field, infra-red, backpacking and mountaineering.
  • Equipment for hill and mountain photography. This covers selection of cameras and lenses, tripods, cases, filters, batteries, clothing, rucsacs, trip planning.
  • Hints and tips on darkroom printing techniques. This includes safelights, processing, enlargers, test strips, split-grade printing, pre-flash, printed borders.

Click on the link in the title of this blog post or the hot link here,, to go to the page for the articles. Hope you find them of use.

I am just starting to recover from a chest infection that has knocked me sideways for several days. Coughing through the night is not something I would recommend! Lots to do so can't stop.

Dave Butcher

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