Saturday, 27 June 2009

New Web Site Final Edits

Well it's nearly complete! My new web site is fully operational on its test server. All images are loaded. The gallery is driven by keywords to make it more manageable, particularly when I have much larger numbers of images available. I am still hoping to almost double the number by the end of this year. Adding new images has been put on hold while the new site was being developed but will resume in the next few weeks.

I'm in the darkroom today making prints to fill web orders. Hoping to go for a walk tomorrow for a bit of light relief.

Still 2 places on the July 11th landscape photography course if you are interested. Either book at or call me and I can take details and payment over the telephone.

Keep an eye on this week, it should change over to the new one on Tuesday, or possibly Monday or Wednesday!

Dave Butcher
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