Friday, 20 June 2008

New USA Black and White Photographs

First posted 20th June 2008
Reposted 23rd August 2014
I'm not sure why Blogger threw this post out while I was adding labels to it so that it was indexed but the only way to get it back into my blog appears to be to publish like a new post. So here goes...... The photos aren't quite as new as they were in 2008!

I have been back from the USA just on 4 weeks now. I had hoped to write an almost daily blog while out there but couldn't work out how to access this blog through my Blackberry (couldn't get to the sign in screen).

We flew to San Francisco, then spent 12 days in Yosemite National Park, back to San Francisco before flying to New York to exhibit my work at the Surtex trade show in Manhattan. This means I have black and white pictures from all of these places. If you go to the web site there is a link from the home page to the New York and San Francisco shots:

I'm working on the Yosemite photos right now and should have them on the web site next week, hopefully, at least the first ones.

Here's a few city shots to tempt you:

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